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New Beginnings For Vodka Friday In 2024

Jan 16

Vodka Friday Celebrates Another Year of Vodka-Fueled Podcast Shenanigans

BRANT, ON - 16.01.2024 - Vodka Friday, the spirited creators of the much-loved Vodka Friday Podcast, are toasting to another year of lively banter, questionable singing, and, of course, fabulous vodka. What started as a casual gathering around a kitchen table 12 years ago has evolved into a movement, inviting everyone to join the Vodka Friday tribe and savor the essence of living in the moment.

"At Vodka Friday, we're not just about vodka; we're about the experience. It's a journey we want you to be a part of," says Reta and Donna, the visionaries behind Vodka Friday. "We encourage you to gather your tribe, pour a drink, and let's find your anthem together."

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The journey began over a decade ago when a diverse group of individuals in their thirties and forties found solace, laughter, and a sense of self around that sacred kitchen table. Facing the challenges of life, they sought refuge in the simplicity of Friday nights filled with laughter, dance, song, and, of course, great vodka drinks.

"No formal invitations required, just show up. Leave your nonsense at the door and join us for some banter, sing 'Don't Stop Believin' loudly (and mostly out of tune), and remember the feeling of having no responsibilities," reminisces Reta. "It's our way of creating a space for six hours every Friday where you can just be you."

Vodka Friday's cornerstones—laughter, dancing, singing, and drinking—continue to be the heart and soul of their journey. Every Friday is an opportunity to break free from the mundane, embrace the camaraderie of the Vodka Friday tribe, and revel in the joy of being authentically yourself.

As Vodka Friday marks this years milestone reaching new heights, they promise to keep making their vodka better. Because, at the end of the day, it's not just about the drink; it's about the experience, the memories, and the shared moments that make every Friday a Vodka Friday.

So, grab a glass, tune in to the Vodka Friday Podcast every Friday, and let the good times roll. Join the movement, find your anthem, and celebrate the magic of Vodka Friday.

Cheers to many more Fridays of laughter, camaraderie, and exceptional vodka!

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