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Persian Kabob Recipes - Koobideh

Dec 16

Koobideh kabob is one of the most well-known Persian kabob recipes. This delicious meat skewer is a staple in many Persian restaurants and families. These kabobs are known for their juiciness and craveable flavors. Koobideh is typically made with lamb but can be made with beef or chicken as well.

This meals cook is very easy to make and requires minimal prep work. The main thing is to make sure the meat mixture is properly seasoned before shaping it into the long kabobs. Then, to keep the kabobs from falling off the skewer during grilling, it is important to press each kebab between your thumb and index finger to create several indentations on each side of the kebab. This will help prevent the kebab from sticking to the skewer and allows it to cook more evenly.

To make koobideh, you’ll need ground meat (ideally lamb but can be beef or chicken), onions, spices, parsley and saffron threads. The saffron gives the kabob a bright yellow color and adds a distinct flavor. If you can’t find saffron, feel free to omit it as it won’t negatively impact the kabobs in any way.

The onions give a nice smoky sweetness to the kabobs and the spices give it the unique Persian flavor. We use a mix of paprika, sumac, advieh or kabob spice blend, turmeric and ground black pepper. If you have a chance to get smoked paprika, this would be even better as it has a wonderful smoky flavor that enhances the overall flavor of the kabobs.

When making these kabobs, you’ll want to be careful not to over-work the meat as this will make it dry and tough. Use your hands to knead and shape the meat into long, thick, oval shaped pieces. This will allow the kabob to cook more evenly and ensure that it is not overcooked or undercooked when you grill it.

You’ll also want to grill these kabobs over a hot fire so that they get nice, charred edges while still being juicy in the center. It is important to turn the kabobs every minute so that they cook evenly and are not cooked on one side more than the other.

Koobideh is the perfect meal to serve with Persian saffron rice, tahdig or chelow, Torshi (a fresh Persian salad), and grilled tomatoes. You can eat it directly off the skewers or wrap it in warm pita bread with some toum, a garlic sauce. Enjoy this grilled meat with a refreshing drink like doogh or tea to complete your meal.