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Immigrate to the USA

Aug 28

Immigration services are a wide range of government and private activities that handle the many steps involved in visiting and immigrating to the United States. The main agency responsible for processing visa applications and handling other related tasks is U.S. Citizenship and immigrate, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security. This agency also oversees naturalization, asylum, and refugee issues. Immigration assistance services can also be provided by non-governmental organizations and other community groups.

The term immigration service can be used to refer to the broad scope of agencies and individuals that assist with a person's travel and citizenship needs, including interpreting and translation, legal advice and representation, and financial support. Some of these include governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and individual attorneys. The city of New York, for example, has a network of trusted organizations that provide free and safe immigration legal help to residents in their own communities at local sites such as libraries, public health facilities, and schools. These providers can help with citizenship and immigration law, employment and education, healthcare, social services, civics classes, and navigating the welfare system.

Other organizations that provide immigration services can include churches and faith-based community centers, private businesses such as restaurants and shops, and educational institutions such as universities and colleges. There are even some nonprofits that focus on helping people overcome challenges with their immigration status, such as domestic violence and other types of victimization.

In terms of government-provided immigration services, there are several federal agencies that deal with different aspects of the process. For instance, the Department of Homeland Security has a department called Citizenship and Immigration Services that handles visa applications and other matters pertaining to immigration. It is also USCIS that conducts naturalization interviews and administers English and civics tests to applicants for citizenship.

Another department of the DHS that deals with immigration is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Its agents enforce the law by detecting and deterring illegal entry at official ports of entry, investigating criminal violations of the Immigration and Nationality Act, and conducting border patrol and other related activities. The ICE also conducts removal proceedings for people found to be in the country without proper documentation, as well as for those who have committed serious crimes.

If you are contacted by an immigration officer, do not discuss your status with them or sign any papers without an attorney present. If you are arrested, ask for a bond hearing as soon as possible. Getting someone out of detention early on can give their attorney time to gather evidence and prepare for a defense. You can help get people out of custody by contributing to an immigration bond fund. For more information on how to contribute, see this page. The American Immigration Lawyers Association has multilingual resources on how to spot fraud and where to file a complaint. The Federal Trade Commission also has consumer tips on how to avoid notario fraud and protect your rights.