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Brisbane Music Rental Services Has A wide Variety Of Music Venues

May 29

Brisbane is a city that has a big music scene. Brisbane has a wide variety of music venues including the renowned Fortitude Valley all around the city to smaller venues.

Binary Music has partnered up with Studio 19 Rentals in order to offer a rental program that is affordable and won't break your bank. Select an instrument from our website and click the RENT NOW Button below the price.

Rentals of Student Instruments

Renting an instrument is the most effective way to start in the field of music. We have partnered with Studio 19 Rentals to offer you a simple instrument rental program that won't break your budget!

Start with a quality educator-approved band or orchestra instrument, choose your delivery option, and make low monthly payments. You can change, return, or upgrade your instruments at any time.

Stringed instruments are distinguished by the use of strings that are taut and can be struck, plucked or bowed. They have evolved over a long period of time from the earliest rudimentary forms into specialized musical tools.

Saxophones are an instrument that is a wind instrument that produces sound through vibrations of the player's lips. They are utilized for a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from classical to contemporary pop. Anyone can play the saxophone with practice and commitment. We rent a wide range of saxophones, including the alto and Tenor models.

Rent an Instrument for Band

We've collaborated with Studio 19 Rentals to offer an easy instrument rental solution that doesn't break the bank. In-store and online, any product with a RENT NOW button underneath the price can be rented for a low monthly payment. This is managed safely by Studio 19, and once an application is accepted (which typically happens the same day) the instrument will be delivered to you.

Brass instruments produce sound by vibrating the lips of their users. Brass instruments include trumpets (also called cornets), French horns (also called trombones), trombones and euphoniums. Saxophones are also classified as brass instruments and are played with keys, slides, valves and valves to alter their overall length and pitch.

School Instrument Rentals

Brass instruments such as trumpets, cornets, and french horns can be rented. Rent trombones with a the 3/4 size, a standard baritone or a euphonium. Brasswinds can be played by blowing through the mouthpiece, and then changing the shape of your lips (embouchure), to produce various pitches.

Stringed instruments are played through striking strings or plucking them. We have a selection of violins, violas, double basses and cellos to rent.

Director's Peace of Mind When students lease instruments they can return them for repair whenever required. This eases the directors of the burden of maintaining and repairing a huge inventory. This also encourages parents to be involved since the entire family is "in the game". This keeps students engaged and lets them see the progress they are making in their musical journey. This is the most effective way for a child to begin Brisbane Music Rental Services!

Orchestra Instrument Rentals

We offer a wide selection of orchestral instruments, such as violins, cellos, and violins. We also offer a wide selection of orchestral instruments including reeds and mouthpieces.

Stringed instruments are played through plucking bowing or striking taut strings. This creates a rich, complex sound, which is different from that of wind and brass instruments.

Drums, woodwinds and cymbals are all instruments that produce sounds by being struck, scraped or rubbed by the hands of the player. The most versatile instrument type, they can produce an array of tones.

Sweetwater offers the best musical instruments for rent. Experience The Sweetwater Difference. You can start your musical journey today by taking advantage of our low monthly payment, our 40-point inspection for orchestra and band and our weekly school delivery and our rental protection plan. All Sweetwater rentals come with a free protective case and free shipping. All instruments have been played-tested and approved by teachers.