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Musical Requirements From Instruments To Accessories

May 27

Whether you're in town for one day, a week or even a holiday This is the spot to go to for everything music related. This is where you should look for all your musical requirements from instruments to accessories.

Leanne has been in the industry for five years, and is the head of Queensland's largest print and band store. She is also the frontwoman of local band LittleLam.

Morris Brothers

Morris Brothers was a music store that specialised in pianos, educational music and Queensland's No.1 Ukulele specialist. The family-owned business has a commitment to making families happier by bringing music into their lives. The store has a wide range of Ukuleles regardless of whether you are beginning or are a serious musician.

The brothers were raised in Ivydale and Clay County playing traditional Music Store Brisbane Northside together with family members such as fiddler Jenes Carpenter and banjo player French Carpenter. They also performed in a band along with Pocahontas County banjo player Dwight Diller, and North Carolina harmonica-player John Martin. In the late 1960s they released an album and recorded two live shows using eight-track tapes.

Wiley and Zeke Morris have left J.E. Mainer and Wade to create their own program on WWNC radio in Asheville, North Carolina. They referred to themselves as Wiley and Zeke as the Morris Brothers. In early 1938, the group recorded their sides for RCA Victor in Charlotte, NC with Homer Sherill on fiddle.

The Guitar Shop

If you're in the market for a guitar made for the stage, look into Premier Guitars. They were established by a former session guitar player and have sold to some of Australia’s biggest music stars. Their website features an impressive collection of vintage models.

If you have a more flexible budget, Melbourne's Found Sound is worth a look. Their inventory includes everything from vintage basses and guitars to sweet modular gear.

Sunburst Music, another Sydney-based store, is well-known by guitarists with a heavy weight. Their website lists a roster of famous fans, including Keith Richards, Lenny Kravtiz and Mark Knopfler, and their online storefront is always well-stocked.

The Piano Shop

Pianos are complex musical instruments that can be damaged over time, without obvious signs. This can lead to serious issues with the instrument's sound and structure. The Piano Shop provides services that can help prevent deterioration and repair older pianos. Their services include tuning repairs, tuning, and restorations. They also sell used and pre-loved pianos.

Gerard Wilkinson is a piano technician with 29 years experience in Brisbane. The piano servicing business he runs provides services to retail stores, schools as well as private clients. He is a Queensland Piano Tuners and Technician Guild member.

Hendry Pianos prioritizes exceptional service. They go the extra mile to make sure your piano is in good shape. They are experts in repair and restoration of pianos. They are known for their dedication to particulars, which sets them apart from other piano repair and tuning firms.