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Diagnosing and Solving Common Trappe Roofing Problems

Feb 19

JMS Home Remodeling has been providing top-quality Trappe, PA Roofing solutions to homeowners across America. Whether you’re looking to repair a leaky roof or completely re-do the entire structure, our experienced professionals in Trappe can handle any job. Our goal is simple – to provide fast and dependable services so that you can enjoy the benefits of a safe, attractive, and energy-efficient home.

Diagnosing Common Trappe Roofing Problems

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home, it’s essential to quickly identify and fix any issues that may arise on your Trappe Roofing. Inspecting your roof and diagnosing any problems can save you time and money in the long run.

Inspecting Your Roof: Inspecting your roof is one of the best ways to avoid potential issues. Look at the shingles, and check for discoloration, loose nails, and other abnormalities. Use a screwdriver to inspect the roof sheathing, including areas that may have been cut for skylights or air ducts Trappe Roofing Contractors.

Identifying The Source of Issues: If you see any signs of wear and tear, you’ll need to figure out the source of the problem. Was the roof damaged by wind, water, ice, or something else? It’s essential to identify the start of the issues, so you can choose the right course of action to fix them.

Common Trappe Roofing Problems

Leaks: Different things can cause leaks., including holes in the roof, damaged flashing, or other types of wear and tear. It’s essential to address the leak quickly to avoid water damage to the ceiling or other parts of the Trappe Roofer Contractor.

Missing/Damaged Shingles: Missing or damaged shingles can lead to new issues. Without the extra protection provided by complete coverage, your roof will be more vulnerable to wind, water, and other elements.

Water Pooling: If you notice water pooling on your roof, it likely means that your gutters are clogged, or the slope of your roof is off. Pooling water can damage your shingles and can lead to leaks over time.

Ice Dams: When temperatures drop below freezing, snow and ice can accumulate on the edges of your roof. This can lead to ice dams, which trap water and can cause damage to the top and your home.

Blower Door Test: A blower door test can help assess your home's energy efficiency and any drafts or air leakage. If any issues need fixing, this test will reveal them.

Solutions for Common Trappe Roofing Problems

Repairing Leaks: To prevent home damage, fix leaks immediately. Depending on the severity of the leak, you may need to patch it up with silicone sealant simply, or you may need to replace the entire section altogether Trappe Roofing Contractors. 

Replacing Missing/Damaged Shingles: If you notice any of your shingles are damaged or missing, you can often replace them with new ones. It is essential to match the type of shingle to avoid any inconsistencies.

Identifying Problematic Spots: If you’re noticing any problems on the roof, identifying any potential weak points can help you address them better. Pay attention to areas around chimneys, plumbing vents, and other protrusions.

Investing in Protection from Ice Dams: Ice dams can cause severe damage to your home, so it is essential to invest in solutions to keep them away. Consider installing heating cables, snow guards, and ice and water shield membranes to keep your roof safe and secure.


When dealing with Trappe Roofing problems, it’s essential to address them quickly and accurately. JMS Home Remodeling is here to help you diagnose and fix any issues that may arise on your roof. Our team of experienced professionals can repair your roof promptly and with the highest quality standards. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing services and how we can help you get the most out of your home.

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