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Personal Concierge Versus a Gig Business

Sep 29

The gig economy is revolutionizing the way that we engage service providers. Uber, Lyft. UberEATS. Deliveroo. Airbnb. Home Away. Rover. DogVacay. TaskRabbit. Air Tasker are two of the many gig-style services that have emerged. The big question for personal concierge businesses is how will these gig services affect me and my business. Are there any concerns?

What's the gig economy exactly? explains that a gig economy can be defined as a situation in which temporary jobs are common and organizations contract for independent workers for short-term assignments. In other word, they are businesses that offer short-term jobs to individuals or 'gigs' without any long-term contracts, nor the benefits associated with a permanent job.

Most gig services, including those mentioned above operate online or via an app-based marketplace. Customers list their jobs and then people bid or accept the jobs at a low rate. These services are cheaper and more accessible for customers. People are open to offering their services because this is a side job to their regular job. It also provides them with flexibility and an additional source for income.

What does mean for the personal-concierge industry?

The need for our personal concierge services will begin to decrease as more affordable and flexible options are made. If you are positioning your service as a low-price option, this may be true.

There are many concerns about these businesses and the workers they employ in the wider community. However, there is no reason to be alarmed. The rapid growth of gig economies is a positive for personal concierge.

How can we be different?

I do not believe businesses that operate in the gig economy space should be considered as direct competitors to our services. We have many services that are different than those of the gig economy, which will help us maintain our strong position in the wider market.

  • First, we offer customized services.
  • People trust us to handle their personal tasks.
  • We have often got keys and access to their houses so that they are not required to be there when we are working.
  • A personal concierge is a service that clients can use to help them find the right job.
  • We have a vast network of suppliers and vendors that we can tap into.
  • Most importantly, they save time in coordinating, responding to job applicants, and being home to meet with people. All of this is included in our personal concierge services.

What advantages does the gig economy bring to the personal concierge industry?

Do you think there is a benefit to our industry? Yes. Our services will increase in demand as more people realize the benefits of outsourcing. This gig-based market is not for everyone. Many clients will want a higher quality service they can trust, and that they can use on an as-needed basis. If our ideal clients start to look into outsourcing and are looking for ways to simplify their lives, then they will be able discover the personal concierge business and the superior level of service we provide.

These marketplaces and apps can be great for some people. But I believe that the ideal client for a personal concierge service wants more than what these businesses can offer. It is our responsibility to seize the opportunity and position ourselves so that we can take full advantage of the gig economy. We should take advantage of the technological advances that these businesses have made to ensure that the personal concierge industry continues to grow.

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