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An Explanation Of The Term "Consulting Engineer"

Sep 14

A consulting engineer, for instance, contributes expertise and direction to the building of public and private infrastructure. Consulting engineers can specialize in many different domains, including civil, structural, environmental, mechanical, electrical, geotechnical, and chemical engineering.

In the United States, consulting engineers are involved in the design of virtually every structure and renovation project, from bridges and prisons to water treatment plants and efficient power generation and distribution networks. It is their responsibility to devise novel methods of powering and cooling hospitals, as well as of digging through mountains without disturbing the native wildlife. Topics relating to ecology and the environment are also discussed.

Consulting engineers play an essential role as catalysts in the problem-solving process by bringing together specialists from other fields. Furthermore, they serve as subject matter experts for commercial organizations and industries, as well as state and local governments. Consulting engineers offer assistance to both public and private clients from the time of initial survey and analysis to the completion of design and construction.