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How to clean your vacuum cleaner

Aug 4

This is something that most people already know, but scientists now believe it can be a more pleasant mood, improve focus, and reduce tension according to VeryWell mind.

It is important to use efficient cleaning tools that do the job. Even the most expensive equipment requires some maintenance. It is the difference between creating a pleasant environment and pushing dirt and dust around your home. It needs to be maintained in good condition. Here's how you can clean your vacuum cleaner.

How to fix a vacuum that doesn't suction

Don't worry if your vacuum isn’t working properly. Blockages are the most common reason for vacuum loss. Blockages can cause the machine to be slow to pick up and overheat.

This will reduce the chance of this happening. This will cause the machine to work less efficiently if it becomes clogged with dust. When the indicator light comes on, replace the bag. If there is no indicator light on the machine, you can open the bag and inspect it visually.

If you have a bagless machine, be sure to empty the canister after each usage. Most bagless machines will have a maximum fill line that indicates how much dirt and debris can fit in the canister. Check this line if your machine has poor suction.

Always turn off your  vacuum cleaner and unplug it to unblock it. You can also remove any obstructions in the tube by unplugging the hose.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner filter

Most vacuums come with at least one washable filter. Locate the vacuum's filter and then tap on a hard surface to remove any dust . You'll be surrounded by dust if you don't do it outside.

If the filter is washable, rinse it under warm water for about 24 hours. After drying, let it air dry before returning it to its original place. You may need to check the instructions manual for additional filters that are not washable. You can remove clumps by tapping them on a smooth surface and then returning the filter to your machine.

How do I clean vacuum brushes

Make sure your brush is clean and free of hairs. Cut the brush if it gets stuck. Threads that stop it rotating are not allowed. Avoid cutting the bristles!

Some brushes have indents running the length of their heads. These are intended to let scissors guide hair and threads through the brush head without having to cut the bristles. If your brush head does not have any electrical components, you can clean it with warm water and massage the bristles to remove embedded dust or fibres. Before you return it to your machine, dry it well.