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The weather is cold, but can I still get my roof repaired?

Jul 12

The leaves have fallen from the trees, and Old Man Winter is headed towards us with his gusty winds and heavy snows , you may be wondering if you're too late in the year to get your roof replaced. Although weather can certainly play an important role in the replacement of your roof, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're in a position to be ruled out. Here are some tips to help you get your roof repaired during the winter months.

The replacement of your roof in the early winter is also a fantastic option to cut down on heating expenses. You'll lose heat and money in the event that you do not replace your roof prior to Winter arriving.


Winter Roof Replacement

Sometimes, you're in a spot where your roof must be replaced by the middle of Winter. Perhaps you didn't have the funds to make the necessary repairs in the Fall or you just didn't notice how badly damaged it was until winter set in. Whatever the reason, replacing a roof during Winter is possible, but it comes with some caveats.


For one thing compressors as well as roofing tools such as nail guns may freeze, and prevent nails from being put in the correct depths. A reputable company will make sure that the weather doesn't hinder their success. A quality roof is possible with the correct forecast, high-quality roofing material, and skilled roofing contractors like roofing contractors in kansas.


Shingles and Shingle Complications Extreme Cold

There are a few important points to remember when installing shingles in very cold temperatures. For starters the shingles may curl up in cold temperatures in an unfortunate phenomenon known as "cold curl," which implies that they have to be sealed manually. Hand-sealing shingles is one of the best methods to stop 'cold curly however it can cause the job to be longer and more challenging.


How Cold Weather Affects Different roofing materials

Some roofing materials are more difficult than others to use in cold weather. A roof that is rolled isn't advised for winter weather. The colder weather can cause the sealant and tar not fully dry.


For asphalt shingles, they should be put up in temperatures that range from 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is significantly below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you might be better off abstaining until the next stretch of warmer weather before replacing your roof.

Replace Your Roof Before It's Too Cold Storm Contraction

If you've figured out how cold it is to warrant a roofing replacement, it's time to set your ducks in a row. If you need your roof to be replaced in the near future, you need to call roof installation contractor in kansas city and set up a consultation to start the process before temperatures drop below 40°F. We could be experts at our trade, but no one can effectively replace a roof in temperatures lower than 40 degrees.


Call us prior to the cold snaps in. Storm Contracting is proud to provide services to the people of Kansas City!

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