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Is a Permit Required to remove a tree?

Jun 14

It can be stressful to remove the tree from a home. The task should be documented and requires a skilled tree service crew. Some homeowners don't know whether tree removal requires a permit from the city, and if so how to obtain the proper papers to do so.

Here's what you need to know when taking down trees. Brush removal services columbia mo is able to assist you with this.

When you need permission?

In 2020 the new law was enacted that stipulates that local governments do not need a permit to remove mangrove trees that are not mangrove. However, homeowners will require an official document signed by an arborist certified by a landscape architect stating that the tree presents a danger to the property or to persons. This form of document will be recognized by local authorities and will not require the need for permits or fees.


To remove a tree from your yard that may cause danger, you should contact a professional who is certified, such as wood chipping service Columbia Mo.


Qualified landscape architects or arborists

A certified arborist or Robin's Tree Service licensed landscaping architect can provide necessary documentation for tree removal. The ISA reports that there are more than 2,000 arborists in the State and around 400 certified to assess the tree’s condition.


What is the best time to replace a tree?

The 2020 law also states that property owners are not obliged to plant trees to replace trees that pose a threat to the environment once the tree has been removed. Landscape alterations will need to be considered in advance, but homeowners get a limited reign on the number of trees they are able to take down at once.


Most of the time, trees that interfere with electric lines or impede daily activities will need to be cleared from premises.


Removal of trees

The most typical reason that for a tree to be taken off the property is when it causes disruption to the daily routine or construction, or presents a safety hazard to the surrounding environment.


A tree devoid of foliage is usually considered dead, and removal of it may not require a permit or a certificate by an arborist. But, it is still necessary to check with the local authorities, since laws may differ at the county or city level. Sometimes, just photos are all you need to document the tree's death or decay so that you can remove it without having to pay fees or get permits.


The likelihood is that trees that hinder construction or are overgrowing other trees around them are going to need to be removed or cut.


Once you have all of the documentation required, contact an appropriate chipping company near me to arrange trimming or removal.

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