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Why You Crave That Slice Of Hot Pizza

May 29

You are getting ready to relax with an incredible movie and an ice-cold glass of beer. There is only one thing that could make this night =more enjoyable and that is a hot slice of pizza! 

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes Think Pizza taste so good? We are going to look at the science behind the slice! When we are finished you will be able to know exactly why that slice of cheesy goodness is calling out your name. 

One of the reasons is the fact that pizza contains glutamate

Pizza is jam packed full of glutamate, which makes it umami heaven. Additionally, two of the main staples of pizza, tomatoes, and cheese are both very high in glutamate. The same could be said of the meats that are placed on meats, which is one of the reasons you generally see pepperoni as one of the best toppings. 

Many of the other common toppings have high levels of glutamate as well. Mushrooms, corn, and parmesan are high in glutamate.

When our taste buds get that very first hint of glutamate, they instantly crave much more. This is why it is so hard not to take another slice even if you feel full. 

Proper Flavor Pairing 

If the inclusion of glutamate was simply not enough, many of the flavor pairings make this the tastiest slice on earth! The more compounds that the food shares, the more so they will complement one another! 

So, exactly what does this mean for your pizza? Tomatoes, mozzarella, and parmesan all contain 4-methylpentanoic acid. If we look at the food pairing theory, these are combinations that were made by the food gods! 

In some ways, food pairing is generally due to cultural norms as opposed to anything else. Regardless, we all love the taste of cheese and tomato on our favorite slice. 

There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh pizza! 

There is something about the anticipation of getting ready to eat a slice, the smell of pizza is a huge contribution to the overall sense of flavor. Think of the last time you tried to eat your favorite meal with a cold and how it was ultimately disappointing. When you are unable to smell your food, there is always going to be something wrong with how it tastes. 

This is because when we chew food, it will release chemicals that are known as volatile chemicals. These will make the journey from the back of the mouth to the nose. It is here where they will stimulate your olfactory system, which helps to increase the overall eating experience. 

And we can not talk about pizza without mentioning that incredible crispy crust! 

The actual science behind the texture of foods and why we enjoy it is not that well understood. We realize that liquids are consumed at a more regular rate than solid foods. However, when looking at pizza, science is not too sure what to say. 

We simply understand that we love that crispy crust on the bottom and the cheesy topping. 

Speaking of crusts, there are numerous options to choose from. Do you prefer thin or deep pan crust? What about seasoned, plain, or stuffed? Regardless of what you prefer, there is a pizza built to suit your needs. It is even possible to find heart shaped pizzas on Valentine's Day to make pizza night slightly more romantic. 

Pizza can be enjoyed hot or cold! 

Pizza is one of those rare meals that is going to taste just as good whether it is hot or cold. If you are unable to finish the whole pizza, slide it into the fridge for a tasty snack the next day and avoid food waste. 

Depending on the toppings you choose, you might be able to easily warm it up. Just a minute or so in the microwave is going to leave you with a pipping fresh hot slice of pizza. 

Pizzas are also one of the best meals to feed a large group. Let's be honest, some pizza on the buffet or table is going to put a smile on everyone's face. And this is food that needs no warming trays as guests will continue to chow down on it as it cools.