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Newcastle Art Gallery

May 21

About Newcastle Art Gallery

The Newcastle Art Gallery began in 1957, following a donation from benefactor Roland Pope. The first location was inside the War Memorial Cultural Centre on innovative Gosford Street before moving next door to its current spot just two years later when it became official open for business with Queen Elizabeth II by way of an inauguration ceremony that took place back then too! Today you can find some 300 public events happening each year including art workshops & guided tours; film screenings such as Q&A sessions or lectures given by experts both local and international alike (this past Saturday we had someone come talk about manga). There’s also music performed regularly whether live sets played during sunset hours outside while people enjoy.

The impressive Newcastle Art Gallery is home to the second-largest collection of art in New South Wales. It features works by Australian artists such as Brett Whitley, Emily Kame kngwarreye and John Olsen amongst others who have made this town their home over time! The entry fee may be a little steep for some but it’s worth seeing all these great pieces if you get an opportunity - free guided tours run on weekends at 11 am so check out what's inside today before tomorrow becomes too late!.

Art Gallery Newcastle

What to do in Newcastle Art Gallery

The Gallery is dedicated to presenting the most compelling and diverse art collection in town. They host up-and-coming artists as well, with 90% of their exhibitions curated by them! You can see what's new on this site or that - they curate nearly all shows themselves so it will always be something different every time you visit.

Newcastle Art Gallery is the perfect place to enjoy Australian art from colonial times up until now. You can find important Indigenous bark and poles as well as a growing collection of paintings by indigenous artists, all in one location! If you're looking for modern Japanese ceramics on this side-of town then we've got what your taste buds crave with over 100 pieces available on the museum store or online shopping site.

Newcastle art gallery

One local company in Ipswich that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Newcastle Solar Power

Address: 175 Grinsell St, Kotara, NSW 2289

Telephone: (02) 4003 6437