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Jan 27

How to renovate a house: Where do you start?

Like any home improvement project, a home makeover requires much preparation and hard work. However, it is a great opportunity to breathe new life into an old house, add your personal touch, and increase its value.


Jumplinks at the top of this page will take you to specific steps in the house remodeling Houston Tx checklist. If you are interested in talking about finances, we also offer a separate guide to house remodeling costs for different types of building projects.

What's new in construction and Coronavirus?


We've seen an increase in construction workers returning to the job site over the past few weeks. Now that the lockdown restrictions have been lifted people can get their home remodeling projects back on track.


It is important to note that contractors and builders entering your home if it is occupied, must adhere to the latest social distancing regulations.


I need to find a property that I can renovate.


Properties that are suitable for remodeling are often described by the estate agent as "in need" or "in need of modernization." It could include everything from a new kitchen or cosmetic changes to the living room, and possibly even the removal of a tree. Before you begin shopping for a house, determine your budget and the amount of work you are willing to do.


Then you can start your search. You can also look at online property databases such as Plotfinder and estate agents. You can also find a great deal at local auctions. For more information, see our guide on buying a house in an auction.


It is possible that you have seen potential in a property that isn’t currently on the market. It is not common for potential buyers to write well-written letters asking people to reconsider selling their homes.


How to assess the potential of a renovation project


How can you avoid getting stuck in a financial hole when renovating your house? To assess the property's condition, it is a good idea to have a survey done prior to purchasing. A member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors will conduct this survey. He will provide feedback about the condition of the property and give you an estimate of the costs.


There are some things the untrained eye should look for before making an offer or scheduling a showing.


  • The location is almost everything.


Anyone looking to save money on a renovation should remember the old saying "seek the worst house in the best street". The property will only be as good as the neighborhood it is in, no matter how great it is. So take a look at the schools and amenities nearby. Google Street View allows you to see the street and flag any suspicious activity.


  • Check out the street's maximum ceiling value.


You can check out the sales history of similar properties on Rightmove or Zoopla. This will provide you with an estimate of the maximum value of your home so that you can calculate your return on investment after renovations. Be on the lookout for any items that could cost you a lot to fix.


Repairing a roof can prove costly if it is missing or damaged tiles, or if there are signs of bowing timbers.


  • How do the exteriors of your neighbors' houses look?


Your proposed changes will blend in with the rest? Are there any home modifications that they have made that you could make? Are the homes well-kept? This is a sign that everyone is proud to live in their home.


  • Are there opportunities for expansion?


If your house is not large enough, think about how you can adapt it to meet your needs. You can convert any space that is already there, like the garage or loft. A simple loft conversion can be done if the pitch is available. A back extension may also be possible if the yard is large enough. Take a look at neighboring properties to see what is possible.



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