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Kitchen Remodeling Atlanta

Jan 5

Kitchens are about design and functionality. Corner kitchens can be awkward to design. They can be very useful if they are set up correctly. Corner kitchens are a great way to maximize space in smaller homes. A countertop corner is a great place to store kitchen decor and keep it out of the way. As you'll see, you can still squeeze plenty of storage into a corner-style kitchen.

These designs will help you decide how to use a corner in your kitchen.

1. Seaside

Victorian Home

The large windows allow for plenty of natural light to flood the kitchen. The combination of white, seafoam, and grey is a great look. This design allows for overhead cabinets and windows.

2. Baby Blue

The baby blue hues of this corner kitchen are a great choice for apartments in the city. This small kitchen is full of character thanks to its funky cabinets and ample countertop space.

3. Simple Cream and Grey

This design is spacious and bright and allows for lots of decor and simplicity. You can keep the cabinets under the counter, and make use of wall space to display decorations.

4. Light and bright

This light and airy kitchen are perfect for living near the ocean. This kitchen is perfect for preparing meals every day thanks to the large window above the counter.

5. Mellow Yellow

We love the design of this kitchen and want to remodel our home. The open storage areas above are great for decorating. This kitchen has a bright yellow color which makes it stand out.

6. Current lines

The minimalistic design of this kitchen makes it look modern and sleek. You can achieve a similar look by sticking to basic shapes and neutral tones.

7. All-white

An all-white design will give you an open, bright space that is accessible no matter what the weather. Make sure to install lighting, and not rely solely on the windows. This corner kitchen is ideal for major meals.

8. Contrasting cabinets

Consider lighter countertops if you prefer dark woods. They will catch the light and brighten up your space.

9. Daring and dar

This kitchen has rich dark cabinets that are both below and above the stove. The room is brightened by the light countertops. The backsplash is fun and modern. A great design for a young city dweller.

10. Country elegant

This kitchen combines urban and country with its sleek granite island design and beautiful corner design. Smart moves include putting appliances on one side and cabinets on the other.

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