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What should I add to my coffee? - 5 Coffee Hacks you need to know

Dec 7

What should I add to my coffee? - 5 Coffee Hacks you need to know

5 Top ingredients to add to your coffee


This will not only give you a soothing feeling but also has health benefits. Cardamom is widely used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines. In coffee, it will help counterbalance the effect of caffeine.


Some of us like our coffee bitter, but for those who don’t, salt is for you. And no, your coffee is not going to taste salty unless you add more than necessary.


Unlike regular milk, condensed milk is thicker, heavier, creamier, and sometimes even sweeter. You can mostly find this type of coffee in Vietnam or Southeast Asian countries. 


The renowned Irish coffee consists of whiskey. And, the espresso martini is made with a bit of vodka in it. 


Finally, the last way that will certainly become your favourite is by adding ice cream. Add a scoop of your preferred flavour of ice cream; maybe choc-chip, cookie crumble, vanilla, or even butterscotch.


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